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4. YES!Circle Success Story

"In the past two weeks, I've developed a preliminary business plan, revamped my product, gained a corporate client, received and filled twice as many orders as I did in the last two months, and been offered (and accepted) a full-time job.

Following suggestions offered at the Sept. 29th YES!Circle meeting, I've added travel vignettes to the hand-crafted photographic cards, a line called the Peripatetic Pen. Now it's Lonely Planet meets letterhead meets the J. Peterman catalog, with photographs taken in Asia and Europe replacing the line drawings of the catalog immortalized on Seinfeld.

Talking about the line at the YES!Circle meetings has morphed my "I make cards" mumble into a more polished presentation of this venture, and the marketing feedback that I've asked for has been returned a thousand-fold. As a newcomer to both the professional networking world and the entrepreneurial environment, I can't underscore enough the value of an organization such as this."

- Anne McDonough, Peripatetic Pen

Editor's Request: We constantly get comments about the difference the YES!Circle has made in your lives and businesses. If your participation in the YES!Circle has translated to a new connection, idea, opportunity... please send your "success story" to

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5. Member Spotlight and Interview

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6. Survey Says
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2. It's All About Connection
Two cents from the Chief Visionary

As another month of successful events comes to a close, I am once again in awe of the amazing connections the YES!Circle has brought into my life. After the first Newsletter was sent out last month, I got several calls from the "Original 16" members with congratulations and kudos on our growth. One unexpectedly came from Miami. Unbeknownst to me, the legend of the YES!Circle wound up all the way in sunny Florida (any votes for holding all the winter meetings in Miami?)

Claudia was fired up about our then-little entrepreneur support community from the very beginning. She brought to every meeting a bright smile, an amazing attitude and an absolute conviction that the YES!Circle was the greatest group in town. Claudia enthusiastically endorsed us to friends, associates and I suspect complete strangers. She periodically sent me helpful articles, websites and encouraging emails, cheering on the growth of the organization. So needless to say, I was disappointed and sad when I learned that the president of the so-far-unofficial YES!Circle fan club was moving to Miami.

When I heard Claudia's exuberant voice on the phone a few weeks ago, I was thrilled beyond belief! Apparently "out of sight, out of mind" did not apply to her relationship with the YES!Circle. I listened to Claudia in quiet astonishment (those of you who know me realize what a feat it is to leave me speechless!) as she said, "I've been telling everyone here about the YES!Circle and the difference it made in my life. It was so energizing and inspiring to connect with other entrepreneurs in such an open, relaxed environment. I've never experienced anything quite like it. You really ought to bring the YES!Circle to Miami!"

I wish for every entrepreneur the feeling I experienced when Claudia's words finally sank in. I felt elated, proud, excited, inspired and most importantly connected! Support, encouragement and energy of the people I've met through the YES!Circle have made a profound difference in my business and my life. And judging by the emails and calls I keep getting, I am not the only one!

You'll meet incredible people like Claudia at every YES!Circle meeting and whether they become friends, mentors, business partners or customers, being surrounded by peers who "get it" is absolutely priceless. So whether you are just starting your entrepreneurial adventure or taking your company public, I encourage you find a support community that gets you excited, energized, connected and even speechless on occasion!

Many thanks to everyone, from D.C. to Miami, for your continual support and encouragement - I look forward to connecting with you at the next YES!Circle event!

Make it a magical day,
Margarita Rozenfeld
YES!Circle Chief Visionary

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