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The Steere Group dedicates itself to the measurable improvement of our client's current and long-term profitable growth, enabling them to maximize value to all stakeholders. We accomplish this through facilitating and developing in-house excellence in innovation, relationships and operational business processes, by ensuring that the leadership is visionary, inspirational and effective; strategies are targeted and implementable; customer and other stakeholder value is optimized; financial, information and marketing integrity.

The Steere Group specializes with clients in the healthcare, legal services and IT services industries. Clients have included the Peter F. Drucker Graduate Scholl of Management, Southern California HealthCare Systems, and the Methodist Hospital of Arcadia, California.

Interview with Bob Steere
by Anne McDonough

Having Bob Steere in your court means relentless enthusiasm and encouragement, results, and the occasional early-morning phone call to check up on progress (full disclosure: he's my current business guru). When we met for a planning session on the chosen October Sunday morning, Bob was focused, bouncy, and ready to work. I was bleary-eyed and ferocious, my usual pre-first coffee of the day state. As we worked on my business plan, the former stand-up comedian filled me in on a few of the details of his professional path.

Bob believes that the first job held after college indicates the nature of a person's future career. His first professional title (mental health technician at the Horsham Clinic in Pennsylvania) doesn't match his current designation as director of the Steere Group. But dig a little deeper, and you realize the correlation between leading family interventions and developing business development of programs, and his current role as a consultant who aims "to take you out of your own way" through business planning and coaching. (See Member Spotlight for a description of the Steere Group).

Bob practices what he preaches: he networks (as coordinator of the DC chapter of Company of Friends and as a member of the YES!Circle) and offers pro-bono services (counseling several non-profits and small business ventures on their finances). Volunteerism is an integral part of both his personal and professional life. In his previous incarnation as a Californian, he sat on the Board of Directors of the Pasadena Council of Alcohol/Drug Dependency and the National American Shakespeare, and swung hammers with the best of them as a member of Habitat for Humanity. He suggests that job seekers offer ten hours a week to an organization within their chosen field; the philanthropic endeavor will not only endear you to the organization, but will enrich your resume and perhaps lead to a permanent position.

In addition to his dedication to "transforming businesses" through the Steere Group, Bob is working in the non-profit sector through the "If I Had A Hammer" concept, which evolved from his experiences as a West Coast expat looking for employment in the D.C. area. The conference, slated for January 2003, will offer job seekers the opportunity to explore their passions and interests through skills-based training sessions led by experts in relevant fields. Topics such as Handling Finances, Tailoring Resumes, Honing Presentation Skills, and Effective Networking-all issues pertinent to both the employed and the job seeker-will be addressed during the initial conference and five subsequent seminars. An international component to be added to the conference is currently under discussion.

Out of business mode, Bob can be found showing off his waltzing skills as an escort at the annual Cotillion in Virginia, a debutante affair conceived by his grandmother. For more information about "If I Had A Hammer," or The Steere Group, contact Bob Steere at bobsteere@mindspring,com. For questions about this interview, contact Anne McDonough at

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