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Creative Problem Solving for Entrepreneurs

When: June 13, Wed, 7-9:30pm
Where: Cleveland Park Club House
3433 33rd Place, NW DC
Directions at
Cost in advance: $ 20 members, $ 20 guests
Cost at the door: $ 25 members, $ 25 guests

YES!Circle is thrilled to be teaming up with the Capitol Creativity Network ( ) for this very special program!  At the heart of business innovation (and success) is creative thinking!  Many entrepreneurs rely on luck and lighting bolts of inspiration for creative business ideas, and believe you are either creative or you’re not.  Creativity is not an accident - it’s the result of a specific kind of thinking and can be easily learned.  In this educational, interactive and engaging workshop, creativity expert and author Gregg Fraley will teach you a creative problem solving process that has been used by most successful businesses and endorsed by Harvard Business Review. 

•  Understand the myths and the reality of how creative thinking works
•  Gain a better understanding of how to set yourself up for more creative thoughts all the time
•  Understand the day to day behaviors of consistently creative people
•  Learn and practice a classic method, CPS, which is useful in addressing any complex challenge, whether business or personal
•  Learn several useful tools and techniques for generating and evaluating ideas that can be used within CPS or “stand-alone”

Our presenter is none other than Gregg Fraley, the author of Jack’s Notebook, a business fable about creative problem solving.  The process he teaches has been used for over 50 years by most successful businesses and has been praised by countless publications.  With this training participants will have a highly useful tool to use in solving the many challenges they face in starting and growing a business. 

Presenter Bio

Gregg Fraley works as an innovation consultant to Fortune 500 companies and does keynote speeches and workshops on creative thinking, innovation, problem solving, and new-product development.  An idea generation expert, he leads on-site and virtual brainstorming sessions for his clients.  Gregg is the author of the business fable “Jack’s Notebook,” which teaches the creative problem solving process.

Gregg worked with Warner Cable's QUBE interactive television project in the 80s, on production teams that won Emmys, and cable’s ACE award for innovation. His entrepreneurial career includes senior management and/or ownership positions in software companies and a qualitative research firm. He was a founder of Med-E-Systems, a software firm that developed the first wireless prescription system for physicians, "Smart Scripts." Gregg led the PR and Marketing effort that took Advanced Health Corporation public in 1996.  He is currently a partner in The Innovise Guys, a leading podcast on innovation that combines humor, innovation concepts, and interviews. 

If you are registering on Wednesday (the day of the event) please print your receipt and bring it with you to the event as proof of purchase.  Thank you!


Problem Solving Pre-registration -- Members $20
Problem Solving Pre-registration -- Non-Members $20
Exhibit Table -- Members $75
Exhibit Table -- Non-Members $125
* Print out and save your receipt as proof of purchase for the events.
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