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Financial Freedom Series: Building Passive Revenue Streams on the Web

When: Feb. 22, Thu, 7-9pm
Where: 1425 K St, NW, Ste. 350
McPherson Metro
Cost in advance: $ 20 members, $ 30 guests
Cost at the door: $ 30 members, $ 40 guests

Welcome to the new Financial Freedom Series!  We know how hard entrepreneurs work to earn a living.  Long hours, long sales cycles, slow take-off.  Is there an easier road to financial abundance?  Absolutely!  In 2007 YES!Circle will help you take charge of your time and financial future by gaining the right knowledge, skills and attitudes to become financially independent (and still do what you love!)  This month Income Architect Barbara Keddy will show you how to create extraordinary profit on the web.  Want to learn how to build wealth while you sleep? 

You will learn:

  • Why and how creating income from what you know is the best way to create a passive residual income
  • How to identify your own inforpreneur brand and the right mindset around it
  • A fool-proof formula to virtually guarantee online success and resulting passive residual income
  • What you can learn from recording artists and Hollywood stars (hint: they perform once, and get paid for life)
  • Case studies of small businesses that have exponentially grown their income on the web
  • Examples of super-effective websites, concepts, and strategies to make your infopreneuring successful

Last time Barbara Keddy spoke at YES!Circle the event was completely sold out and for good reason.  Barbara is an internet marketing strategist extraordinaire and consultant to individuals and companies . She has enjoyed a distinguished career in marketing and sales, as well as the media.  Barbara was formerly a news reporter with the Toronto Globe and Mail and a TV news reporter for CBC TV-News. After moving to the US , Barbara joined America Online, heading its online news service. She later worked as an Internet specialist with NetSearchers and advising CNN, Delta Air Lines, and Burger King.  As President of her consulting firm “Be Great! Marketing,” Barbara shows clients how to effectively sell their products and services on the Internet. Barbara’s websites can be found online at and 


Web Revenue -- Members $20
Web Revenue Pre-registration -- Non-Members $30
Exhibit Table -- Members $100
Exhibit Table -- Non-Members $150
* Print out and save your receipt as proof of purchase for the events.
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