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Success Lab
An expert, or a panel of experts, leads an interactive learning program to address business and personal development "hot topics". Among subjects covered are marketing, branding, time management, networking, work-life balance, and others. Please suggest a topic of interest or propose to lead a Success Lab. Unless otherwise noted, this event is $20 for members and $30 for non-members (light refreshments included).

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January 27, Monday, 7pm - Dynamic, Engaging Presentation Skills - Success Lab
Want to become more compelling and creative as a presenter or speaker? Want to deliver a message that will grab your audience's attention, speak their language, playfully provoke new ideas and sustain group attention? Want to generate some laughter, thereby helping others become more receptive to your serious or "bottom line" message?

1) Overcome your own presentation/performance fears,
2) Ingeniously structure and deliver serious and playful content that "keeps them on the edge" (of their seats) and
3) use relevant, interactive and fun-filled exercises that has an audience engaged and interested in what you have to say or teach!

This success lab will be lead by Mark Gorkin, LICSW, "The Stress Doc", an international speaker, syndicated writer and a "Motivational Humorist" for corporate clients/conferences with the DC Improv Comedy Club. He is also America Online's "Online Psychohumorist" (Keyword: Stress Doc). The Doc runs his weekly "Shrink Rap and Group Chat" on AOL/Digital City DC Stress Chat . His multi-award-winning, USA Today Online "HotSite” was recently cited as workplace resource in a National Public Radio feature on "Bad Bosses".

Dec. 9, 2002 – High-Class Marketing on a Shoe-String Budget Success Lab
You have GREAT business ideas... the world is full of potential customers... So how do these fabulous ideas reach your "ideal customers"? Effective marketing is essential in building a successful business. Holidays are the perfect time to implement creative, inexpensive marketing strategies to grow your business. Whether you have an extensive marketing plan already or are just conceiving a business idea, this Success Lab will help you make the most of your marketing efforts! Bring your questions, we'll provide a panel of marketing gurus and share our own lessons learned. As always, the session will also include a best practices discussion and networking opportunities.

The panel will be lead by Robyn M. Sachs, the president and CEO of RMR & Associates, a leading marketing, advertising, and public relations firm known for its highly innovative campaigns focusing on measurable results. In 1998, Sachs and the agency were awarded the "Entrepreneur of the Year" award, sponsored by Ernst & Young. RMR's current capitalized billings are $24.7 million and the agency has grown 600% since Sachs became president in 1987. That impressive growth led PR Week, a leading industry publication, to name RMR among the top 50 PR Agencies in the United States and #1 in Maryland.

Let’s Talk Money Success Lab
Did you become an entrepreneur for love or for money? Probably a little of each? Whatever your reason is for making the leap, the success of your business comes down to the bottom line. Learn to understand your numbers and use them to grow your business, price your products and services, and solve other financial mysteries! This program is particularly effective for entrepreneurs who may not be entirely comfortable with "the numbers". The panel will be lead by guru Financial Literacy Specialist Barbara B. Cline who has coined the term “money mapping” – an innovative, stimulating approach to financial management using diagrams, flow charts, color and other fun visual aids – “the numbers game for the right side of the brain”! As always, the session will also include a best practices discussion and networking opportunities.

"Do the Write Thing"
Here's what you need to be a published writer: good ideas, plenty of discipline, some contacts, and determination (not necessarily in that order). A little luck wouldn't hurt, either. Here is what our panel of gurus had to say...
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Small Business Planning Success Lab
It has been said that “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road would do.” To succeed in business, you must know where you’re going. In fact, business planning is probably the most important factor in your entrepreneurial success, whether you are dreaming up or growing your business, writing a book or hiring new employees. The Small Business Planning Success Lab will be lead by Henry Turner, the Executive Director of the D.C. Small Business Development Center and Bob Steere, YES!Circle’s business strategist.

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