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Who we are
YES!Circle is a vibrant community of energetic, passionate, innovative entrepreneurs in all stages of business development. We come together to connect; support each other; share leads, ideas and resources; network; and enhance business and interpersonal skills. Most importantly, we challenge, motivate and inspire each other to innovate, grow and succeed!

YES!Circle mission:
To create a positive, supportive environment for entrepreneurs to thrive professionally and personally by connecting them with like-minded people, educational resources and business opportunities.


"In the past two weeks, I've developed a preliminary business plan, revamped my product, gained a corporate client, received and filled twice as many orders as I did in the last two months, and been offered (and accepted) a full-time job..."

"As I stumble down the path of a new entrepreneur I know that I can always count on Margarita and the Yes!Circle to provide new direction, meaningful connections, inspiration and support..."

"Since the YES!Circle meeting two weeks ago, I've developed a preliminary business plan, revamped my product, gained a corporate client, received and filled twice as many orders as I did in the last two months... As a newcomer to both the professional networking world and the entrepreneurial environment, I can't underscore enough the value of an organization such as this."

"Thank you for the encouragement. I am getting some thoughts down on paper as a result of Monday's Yes!Circle. What a fantastic experience! I am very sincere when I say, I have never experienced anything like it before."

"Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the meeting last night, I thought it went great. It's inspiring to be around such a large, diverse group of passionate, enthusiastic people."

"... the Yes!Circle was just as it was described to me. Margarita is awesome - what an amazing energy she has. My friend got some great advice and tips for her craft company. I was inspired by everyone's "entrepreneurial" spirit."

Two cents from the Founder
Dear Entrepreneur,
Thank you for taking the time to learn about the YES!Circle™. In less than a year, we've grown tremendously, gained unbelievable momentum and attracted much visibility... with virtually no public advertising or marketing!!! How is that possible, you ask? Entirely by word of mouth! Thanks and laurels belong to the founding YES!Circle members who continuously spread the word about the organization to friends, colleagues and complete strangers! Who would have thought that in a matter of months, our Evite list would grow from 50ish to several hundred subscribers? And we're just getting started!

I am often asked why I founded the YES!Circle. My response is always the self-centered truth. It's just what I needed when I started my entrepreneurial adventure!

I balanced my Success Coaching practice with a corporate job for over a year, before going full-time with my dream in 2002. My business was going great - wonderful clients were showing up all over the place... except when they weren't and had to be located! I was so thrilled that the business of my dreams and I found each other, I wanted to tell the entire world about my new adventure. So I found myself going from one networking event to another, distributing and collecting dozens of business cards, on an endless quest for business and learning opportunities. In a crowd full of other business owners, I felt isolated and unsupported. I was disappointed that so few lasting relationships resulted from meeting people at traditional networking events.

The card-trading scene was not for me. They all seemed like nice people, but the environment was not at all conducive to building relationships! I craved connection with positive, supportive, encouraging kindred spirits (I am a Coach ... we talk like this sometimes). I wanted to share my experiences, trials and triumphs with compassionate, like-minded entrepreneurs! And I was not alone. Daily I heard similar sentiments from my entrepreneur friends and clients. So after looking, and searching, and not finding what I wanted, I did what I normally do under such circumstances... I invented the solution to my dilemma - the YES!Circle.

Our first meeting took place at a restaurant in DuPont Circle. I was expecting five to ten people and was pleasantly amazed when sixteen excited entrepreneurs showed up. Although I originally planned to facilitate YES!Circle meetings once a month, the group demanded that we continue the momentum and increase the frequency of our gatherings. The facilitator in me did cartwheels around the room - we were onto something!

Fast forward dozens of successful meetings later and meet the YES!Circle of today. We are an expanding, flourishing community of creative, passionate entrepreneurs in all types of business - from therapists to venture capitalists - and all stages of development, from dreaming to growing. It is a rare gift to meet so many fascinating, courageous, innovative people all in the same group EVERY time! We are all very different in our backgrounds, experiences and interests, but we do share the same entrepreneurial, adventurous, idealistic spirit. We're all here to learn from one another and to support each other's goals and dreams. Working solo certainly doesn't have to mean flying solo. And our goal at the YES!Circle to help you soar!

I thank you for taking the time to learn about the YES!Circle community and look forward to seeing you at our next event. We encourage and reward feedback (with brownie points and sometimes brownies,) so please contact us with questions, suggestions and inspired ideas!

Margarita L. Rozenfeld
YES!Circle Founder & Chief Visionary

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